Two HUGE things are literally consuming my mind today…

  1. Tomorrow’s start of a new study for my “On Point” Facebook Live Bible Study. It will be a study on “faith” and how to live out a life of active faith. It will be Monday - Friday at 6:00 AM on the Meadow Spring Facebook page. I encourage you and invite you to participate either live at 6 AM or later in the day when you have 10-15 minutes to grab a Bible and participate. I also encourage you to “share” the study to your page to help more people hear about the great news of living a refreshing life of faith!

  2. Next Sunday’s launch of “A Bold New Dream”. Like I said this morning…words do not exist the describe how huge next Sunday (February 3) is! This will be the most significant spiritual challenge and journey we have ever embarked on as a church! Not only will I be starting a new teaching series called “By Faith”, but we will also be revealing the awesome plans we believe God is leading us to in remodeling our building in order to raise the quality of our ministry and more importantly - reach more people! Check out this preview video we showed today!