Coming off of an incredible all worship Sunday really makes me think about the words to some of the songs that we sing at Meadow. Phrases that pop out right away “the kingdom of the heavens is buried treasure, would you sell yourself to buy the one you’ve found”, “a thousand times I fail, still your mercy remains” and “burn in me, holy fire cleanse my soul”.

I want to focus on that last one, it is a line from the song “Burn in Me” and it is particularly near and dear to my heart. You see, aside from being one of hundreds of songs that I have had the honor to write, this song is the first worship song that I ever wrote. I can still remember sitting in a parking lot in the barren wastelands of Texas. I had just had an interview at the packaging company that my dad worked at and I was waiting for him to get off work to give me a ride home. As I sat there waiting I started to write a sort of prayer and it went like this…

As I sit in Your presence
Surrounded by Your grace
I long to feel Your fire
Burning in my soul
I want to know You more
I want to know You Lord
And as I sit in Your presence
I say
Burn in me
Holy fire cleanse my soul
Burn in me
Holy fire burn in my I pray.

When we think about something burning we think of the warmth, the devastation, the pain but we forget to think about the cleansing power of fire. That’s right, fire can cleanse, when people talk about something being refined by fire that are talking about it’s cleansing ability. You see when something is refined it is made to burn so hot that all imperfections are burned away and only the pure is left behind. When gold is refined the imperfections are burned away and all that remains is pure gold. When we allow the fire of God to burn inside of us, to burn brightly, to burn hot it cleanses us from our inpurity and  makes us more like Christ. That is the kind of burning I want in my soul and it is the kind of burning I desire for all of God’s children.