Bad news…It’s only been a week but it feels like forever since I’ve preached. I am so chomping at the bit! Good news (at least to me)…I’m preaching this Sunday!!!

Here’s a sneak peak…

We are familiar with the birth of Jesus – Bethlehem, shepherds, angels, manger, etc. We are familiar with His life of teaching and miracles. We are familiar with His arrest, crucifixion, resurrection, and even His ascension. BUT…what is Jesus doing now that He is in heaven?

This Sunday, I will be sharing two absolutely jaw-dropping things Jesus is doing now in heaven for all His followers. I am so pumped to share this!

AND...we will be celebrating communion! Oh yeah!

In addition to all that…the staff has some Christmas “presents” for Meadow to show you!

This is going to be a great Sunday to end 2017 with!

See you then!