I admit that many people, maybe even you, have left the church and left Christianity or are considering leaving the church and Christianity because of some unsettling things written in the Bible or some unsettling things about God that just don’t align with your reality.

I agree. There are some unsettling things in the Bible and some unsettling things about God.

Believing in God seems troubling and raises questions which are difficult, if not impossible, to come to a reasonable and acceptable answer. But you’re not an Atheist either because not believing in God seems a little far outside what you want to accept...to think this world is “God-less”.

And so what happens is you get caught in the middle. Do you believe in God and just accept the things you don’t understand, or do you not believe in God and take the path of Atheism. Do you reject the faith and God you grew up with or do you blindly accept it even if you don’t agree with it?

If you’re caught in the middle because you find it hard to believe in the God you grew up with and just blindly believe the things you don’t agree with, but then you’re not ready to throw God out completely and become an Atheist, then bring your questions and doubts to Meadow.

Starting this Sunday, October 15, I am going to launch into a conversation and teaching series which will attempt to make sense of all this. I’m calling it “Who Needs God?”

I will look at different “versions” of Christianity and different “versions” of God that, quite honestly, I would find difficult to follow and believe in.

I am inviting you to come, listen, and check it out. You will probably find yourself thinking “That is exactly what I’m wondering about too.”

We meet every Sunday at 9:00 & 10:30 AM at 511 North Walnut in downtown Chaska. If you know where the Chaska Rex Movie Theater used to be – well, that’s us now. And you can find more information about us and what you can expect at meadowspring.org.

I hope you will come and join us and bring someone with you.

Who needs God? Perhaps no one. Perhaps everyone. Perhaps we should talk about it.

See you this next Sunday.