Philippians 2:14-15 (NIV) "Do everything without complaining or arguing,  so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation" much in these verses but what sticks in my mind is that Paul is exhorting the Philippian Christians to live in a corrupted world attracting people to Jesus. This can't be done if they are complaining and arguing. "Complaining" is the Greek word "goggusmos" and refers to an attitude and action of grumbling or mumbling. "Arguing" is the Greek word "dialogismos" and has the idea of publicly disputing. It seems, in my opinion, that "complaining" is a reference more to private conversations and behavior and "arguing" is a reference more to public conversations and behavior. And all of this because how we behave and talk reflects to all those around us (non-Christians) who Jesus is and what following Him is like.

Too often I read of Christians in the news who are arguing with each other or complaining. And then I read the comments of the report made by others. And it is obvious that the arguing and complaining by Christians about current events, political decisions and leaders, other Christians, churches, church leaders - only hurts the cause of Christ and turns people away from Jesus rather than attract them to Jesus.

I believe that when Paul says "Do everything without complaining or arguing" he means EVERYTHING. This is a huge challenge for me and I'm sure for many others. You see, in my position, because of what I see and am aware of in other Christians, it is easy for me to complain, mumble, and argue about what I see as unwise, immature, or just plain stupid stuff. I need to be thankful, focused on Jesus - not complaining and finding fault.

How do I do that? I probably sound like a stuck record, but I need to be in His Word. I need a constant diet of reading and studying Scripture. The more of His Word and ways I put into my brain and life, the less my word and ways will come out. The more of His Word I have in my life, the less complaining and arguing I will be involved with. The more of His Word I have in my life, the more I react to current events, politics, churches, other Christians with the mind and attitude of Jesus. And THAT'S what I want in my life.

Just imagine...a world, a work place, a home, social media, news media, etc. ... without complaining. Wow! That would literally change the course of history!