Samson blew it. Several times.

Samson was an extremely strong man with an extremely weak will. He tried to do things in his own strength, but in the face of temptation and the desire to be "the man", he failed. And each time he failed, he had a chance to "restart" his faith and dependence on God. But instead, chose to do things his way in his strength...and failed again - ultimately leading to his downfall.

We, like Samson, often succumb to temptation and other things that distract and side-track our faith and dependence on God. And each time we fail is another chance to "restart". Do you need to "restart" your faith and dependence on God?

We may make the same mistakes as Samson, but we can make the choice he didn't make when he fell to temptation and distraction. We can choose to "restart".

Tomorrow at Meadow I begin a four week series on the life of Samson called "Strong Enough". You will see how he failed. You will learn from his mistakes and self-dependent attitudes. And you will have the opportunity to "restart" your faith.

I hope you will join us. Two services at 9:00 & 10:30 AM. 511 N. Walnut in Chaska.

Oh...and don't be one minute late. The band is opening with a song that will set the pace for the morning and the entire series.