Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.
— Philippians 2:5


Specifically this verse puts flesh and bone on the previous two verses (vvs 3-4)). And ramps up for what Paul is about to describe in verses 6-11. Bottom line... be like Christ. Exhibit and live out selfless humility.

But due to current circumstances in my life and at Meadow, my mind takes the challenge of "be like Christ" and gets real focused on Christ's total dependence and total obedience to His Father. He was TOTALLY dependent on His Father and He lived a totally obedient each moment under the guidance of His Father knowing that if He obeyed His Father, His Father would take care of Him.

Even more specific is the area of tithing which God has really been challenging me on lately. What is He asking me to do? He asks me to give 10% of my income to Meadow...a tithe. I need to obey Him. When I obey Him, like Christ did, and when I totally depend on Him to provide - why wouldn't I tithe? I have nothing to worry about. Obedience plus dependence leads to provision.

As I laid in bed thinking about this, I realized that tithing is a win-win deal. I cannot lose. I win because it is doing what God said leading to Him providing me with what I need—and in reality, more than I need. And not only do I win—Meadow wins. Now I am not the sole financial provider of advancing the Good News of Jesus at Meadow. But my tithing joined with others, leads to God providing for Meadow AND advancing His Good News. Looking at it another way - to NOT tithe is to short-circuit my personal life AND the ministry at Meadow.

Why wouldn't I tithe? Every reason I can think of for not tithing boils down to selfishness which is exactly what Paul is saying is NOT being like Jesus. Jesus was not selfish. He was selfless. I need to be like Christ.

So...why wouldn't I tithe?