Philippians 2:20 - "I have no one else like him..."

Philippians 2:25 - "My fellow worker and fellow soldier, who is also your messenger..."

Remember the TV show "A Team"? I remember watching it and always glued to the TV on how they accomplished their mission every time. Each person strong where the others were weak. But together they were an "A Team".

These two verses (Philippians 2:20 & 25) are referring to Timothy and Epaphroditis - two men who served with Paul and assisted Paul in his ministry. Paul thought highly of Timothy (who would become pastor of the Ephesian Church) and Epaphroditis (mentioned here and one other place in the New Testament). Paul could not do all he was able to do without these two. They were his "A Team".

One main reason was Paul was in jail but another was that these two men were strong where Paul was weak and they related to people Paul could not. Paul was a Jew. Timothy had a Jewish mother and a Gentile father. Epaphroditis was Gentile. Each one could relate and thus carry the good news of Jesus to different people.

As I read these verses I thought of the "A Team" at Meadow and how thankful I am for them. All the ministry and leadership that takes place at Meadow can't be done by one person. We (Meadow) are a very blessed and rich church because of our A Team. I am ever so thankful for them. They are strong where I am weak. They relate to people and lead ministry I could not.

John Pennucci, Pat Laeger, Teresa Kallio, and Emily Bemis - serve selflessly and sacrificially. I have never had the priviledge of serving with a worship leader like John. He continues to draw us into worship and focus on Jesus. Meadow wouldn't be Meadow without him. Pat Laeger (yes, he is my son), leads the tech ministry and the creation of the visual aspect of our worship which totally embellishes what John and the band leads. Pat is also responsible for the projection, video, and internet. Meadow wouldn't be Meadow without him. If you need someone to listen and care with a pure heart of mercy and empathy, Teresa Kallio is who you want to connect with. She, as Pastor of Care Ministries, continues to grow and over see that so important part of Meadow that cares for peopl when they are sick, in the hospital, experiencing a death in the family, etc. Her heart breaks for those hurting. Meadow wouldn't be Meadow without her. She serves Meadow without pay. And last but not least is Emily Bemis who oversees our children's ministry. She has a subtle way of leading and guiding our children's volunteers, parents, and kids into a refreshing relationship with Jesus. She continually looks for better ways to minister and serve kids and parents. She's the one who always has a smile and positive word. Meadow wouldn't be Meadow without her. She too serves without pay.

The Apostle Paul had his "A Team" to help fulfill and do ministry to a broader extent than he was able to do himself. I am thankful that God has orchestrated the "A Team" at Meadow to be able to do ministry in a much broader and more effective way than I could do myself.

Thank you John. Thank you Pat. Thank you Teresa. Thank you Emily.