Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.
— Ephesians 3:20


This is one of my most favorite verses. I refer to it a lot in my ministry at Meadow. I think about it a lot and do believe it in relation to Meadow Spring.

The word "power" is the Greek word "dunamis" from which we get our word "dynamite". And the word "work" is the Greek word "energis" from which we get our word "energy". Put the two together and you have an explosive energy that can do more than we could ever dream, pray for, or imagine. And what is amazing is that whatever I am imagining and praying for - as crazy and humanly impossible as it may seem, God is able to do far more than even that! Wow!

But there is a problem in my life. I believe and think of this verse often in relation to Meadow Spring. However, I don't think of it in relation to the health of my body. I concentrate hard and pray passionately that I will depend on and experience God's explosive energy at Meadow - why don't I do the same with the health of my physical body? Why don't I pray and believe God can do far more than I could ever pray for, dream about, or imagine when it comes to losing weight and getting healthy?

It's because I think of the church and ministry as "spiritual" where faith and God's power play an essential role. But I don't think of my physical body in the same way. I think and act and try to change my health via willpower not God power. Reality is my physical body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and therefore taking care of it, losing weight, eating right, getting sleep, getting healthy - IS spiritual.

Rick Warren writes in The Daniel Plan, "What positive changes in your life could happen if your relied on God's unlimited power instead of your limited willpower?" He goes on to write, "God has been there every moment of your life. He watched you being formed in your mother's womb and watched you take your first breath. That means he cares about every detail, including your health. So why would you attempt to get healthy - something God clearly desires for you - without relying on him? The fact is, you will never reach your optimum health without paying attention to the spiritual dimensions of your life." 

The challenge for me today and I pray going forward is to be more diligent in relating the spiritual aspect of my physical health and to believe Ephesians 3:20 not just for Meadow Spring, but for my health too.