This is not a stock photo of some obscure band. This is an actual picture taken during a Meadow Spring service and is just one of the refreshing things you will experience when you come to Meadow Spring.

You see, we know coming to a new church for the first time can be nerve-racking - especially if its been centuries since the last time you stepped foot into a church! Visions of the last church you walked into flash through your mind ... people all dressed up, quiet and still, organ music playing, pews, everyone looking at you, trying to keep your kids behaving, unfamiliar faces, and just the general feeling of being a square peg in a round hole.

We realize that at Meadow Spring and so we take it very seriously to be different ... refreshingly different. Let me describe as best I can what you can expect to see and feel when you come to Meadow. Maybe I can relieve some of the anxiety as you consider coming to Meadow.

First of all - our building is not your traditional looking church building. In the summer of 2012, we bought a movie theater so our building looks just like that — a movie theater. There is no tall steeple and no stained glass.

When you walk through the doors you will immediately notice friendly people talking, holding a cup of coffee ready to shake your hand. You will also notice that no one is dressed up in fancy dresses or ties. It's all jeans and casual shirts and shoes! Some people will even be sitting at coffee tables in our lobby coffee shop area. You will be greeted and invited to grab a cup of coffee before heading into the Auditorium. A TV monitor on the wall will be showing announcements as you hear pop and rock music playing overhead in the lobby and hallway.

You will not be left on your own to navigate and find where everything is. Keep in mind our building use to be a movie theater so there is one main hallway which leads to both the Kids Center and the Auditorium. However, someone will still help you find the child check-in station for your kids. You are welcome to bring your kids into the Auditorium with you or have them attend our MeadowKIDS which is a dynamic program designed just for them with activities and a Bible lesson.

At the entrance of the Auditorium you will be given a program and pen to take notes (or doodle!). As you walk into the Auditorium, you will see a huge movie screen showing pre-service news and announcements, and a stage. The stage will be lit up with special lights and there will be drums, guitars, a keyboard, microphones, and speakers on the stage. No pulpit. No choir loft. No organ. Upbeat music will be playing through the speakers as you make your way to your seat. Oh...and we don't have pews. We have stadium seating with cup holders. In fact our seats even slightly recline and are extremely comfortable! (Remember, our building used to be a movie theater.)

With a few minutes before the service starts, you will notice a countdown begins on the screen and the band makes their way up on to the stage. When the countdown reaches zero, the band kicks in, you are welcomed and everyone is asked to stand. During the music, if you feel like singing - sing. If you feel like clapping - clap. Many have said they feel like they are at a rock concert during our music and worship. The big difference is our music focuses on Jesus and we are not ashamed of that!

After the music is "Announcement Pat" on the big screen giving you important information and announcements but done in a fun and attention grabbing way. This then leads into my message.

I take my message very seriously and work extremely hard in presenting it in a refreshing and engaging way. Check out the current series page to see what topics we will be talking about this week at church!

When the message is over, church is over. It's that simple. If you come to our 9:00 AM service, you are welcome to stay and have coffee and bagels in our coffee shop lobby area - its all free! If you come to the 10:30 AM service, you are welcome to come early and enjoy a bagel and coffee before the service starts. (You are welcome to bring your coffee into the auditorium. Remember - we have cup holders!)

Hopefully, reading this will help you feel a little less anxious about coming to Meadow this Sunday. However if you have any questions of what to expect, I want to do everything I can to answer your questions. Please feel free to call or text me at 612-616-7982. This is my personal cell and I will return your call or text!