To reach people no one else is reaching we must do things no one else is doing.
— Craig Groeschel

I agree 110%!!

Meadow has never had the intention of reaching those who are already being reached and ministered to by other churches. Our mission is to guide people into a refreshing relationship with Jesus Christ and the primary target has always been the person who isn't going to church and isn't connecting or relating to any other church in the community.

To reach those other churches are not reaching, we HAVE to be different. Doing church the same way as the church down the street will not reach those the church down the street isn't reaching. It will only reach those who are already being reached.

This is not saying the church down the street is doing church in an inferior or wrong way. Not at all. They are doing a great job at doing what they do, reaching those they are designed to reach.

This is why we bought a movie theater and are keeping the movie theater theme and motif in our building. This is why we do music the way we do - with lights and projecting big screen images and videos. This is why we say, "Don't turn your cell phones off. Leave them on. Take pictures. Update your Facebook status. Text your friends. Let them know what you are hearing and experiencing." This is why we do what we do and how we do it.

Meadow is different. We HAVE to be different. And we have to be noticeably different. Our mission and target demands it.