Yes, really.

But it's not referring to just what you are wearing - although that is true too. "Come as you are" also refers to the state of your past or present life. You will be accepted and respected at Meadow no matter what is going on in your life or how much baggage you have in your past.

In fact, on any given Sunday at Meadow, you will probably rub shoulders with those who have struggling marriages or have survived a struggling marriage, those who are battling depression, those who have spent time in jail, and those who are battling and beating drug and alcohol addiction. You will rub shoulders with people who are so far in debt they can hardly breathe and people who are battling family issues, divorce issues, health issues, and job issues.

Sounds like a church filled with a bunch of troubled people.

Not really. Its a church filled with awesome people who come as they are - problems and all - and are discovering a refreshing relationship with that makes a difference in daily life not just for an hour on Sunday. Its a church filled with awesome people who have "been there done that" and want to help others (maybe you?) discover a life that is better than anything imaginable.

You don't have to fit into a certain cookie cutter to be a Meadowite. You just have to be you - baggage and all.

Maybe you should try church again. This time, try Meadow Spring.

Oh...and don't worry about what to wear. Our only dress code is ... "come dressed"!