Church is not your thing. It's not a priority. You haven't given up on God - just the church. And to be honest, if I lived in your shoes and experienced what you experienced or heard what you heard, I probably wouldn't make it a priority either.

That's why what I'm about to ask you is something you probably aren't thinking about doing or have thought about doing for a long time.

I'm asking you to give Meadow Spring Church a try. Just come and try it. No obligation other than coming and checking it out.

When you come - you will experience a refreshing difference with great rock music by our live band, our use of media and technology to wow your experience, our flexible stadium seating with cup holders, our relaxed "come as you are" atmosphere, our free bagels and gourmet coffee, and our "guilt-free", simple, "makes sense" message. We don't pass the offering plate. We don't ask you to stand and embarass yourself. We don't dress up (our only dress code is "come dressed"). And we don't use "insider" language or phrases that would leave you feeling like an outsider.

Check out our times and directions. Just come and try it. That's all. Try it.