If you are like most people I've talked to, you've never heard much about hell in church. If you have, it was probably presented in a dooms-day way. Well, this Sunday at Meadow, I will be talking about hell and it won't be in a "hell-fire and damnation" way. That's not my style and that's not the style of Meadow. I really am excited about this Sunday. Why?

  1. I get to present truth straight from the Bible about hell and watch your eyes light with a look of "Wow, I didn't know that!"
  2. The band will be leading us in awesome worship AND performing a fantastic song about heaven which directly contrasts what hell is about!
  3. Last Sunday we had 5 people become followers of Jesus and change their eternal destination and this Sunday I expect more to do the same!
  4. I get to hang-out and worship with the greatest group of people I know!
  5. I get to meet new people coming to Meadow for the first time and seeing them be refreshed with their experience!

See you Sunday!