We've spent the last 14 years of our ministry in a movie theater and while for some churches, it can be a bit of an obstacle, it has really become part of our DNA as a church. If you've never visited a church in a movie theater, here are some of the reasons we think its great!

1. Comfy Seats

Movie theater seats are made to be so comfortable that you don't mind sitting in them for a whole movie. You can have your church pews, we'll keep our cushy, reclining chairs!

2. Cupholders

We know lots of churches are cool with your bringing in your morning coffee, but we love having a little home for that coffee cup to live! No more turning around to sit down and kicking your coffee cup over!

3. Big Screen

We know the silver screen is fantastic for movies, but being able to use our screen in all of it's 32' x 14' glory to display videos, visuals and song lyrics is pretty awesome. It's the equivalent of a 419-inch TV. YES!

4. Sound Quality

You know what else is great about going to the movies? The amazing sound quality and while ours isn't quite surround sound (yet), the movie theater provides a great space to get the best sound for our worship.

5. Movie Poster Cases

In case you haven't figured it out by now, we love breaking outside of the mold of what people think churches "should be". That's why we've created some poster cases that look like movie posters, but tell people what our church is all about!

6. Movie Nights

Want to know what one of the best things to do with a church in an old movie theater? Show movies! We love to have movie nights, so check out our News + Events page to see when are showing the next movie!

7. Familiar Environment

It's our goal to make people feel comfortable and at ease when they come to church and it totally helps to have church an environment that people visit all the time.

8. The Marquee

We have mad respect for the marquee back in the Chaska REX Cinema days, we tend to prefer it the way it is now.. though we might be a little biased.

9. The Coffee Counter

We aren't serving ICEEs and popcorn on Sunday mornings, but we love having the old movie theater counters, they are a great place to serve coffee and bagels!

Bonus: The Carpet

Who wouldn't want brightly colored carpet with shooting stars? Ok, maybe it's not the most elegant thing ever, but we are still gonna rock it!

Haven't tried church in a movie theater?

We'd love to have you stop by, check out our What to Expect page to see more about the stuff that really matters to us.