Philippians 1:27 - "Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ."

Warren Wiersbe writes, "The most important weapon against the enemy is not a stirring sermon or a powerful book; it is the consistent life of believers." That will give me something to chew on and think about - especially as a preacher. My most powerful weapon is not what I say, but how I I react to crisis, and temptation, and society. What do others see in me? Do they see someone who is no different than them or do they see a life that is different - attractingly different? Does the way I live draw people TO Christ or does it send people AWAY from Christ?

2 Corinthians 3:2 says, "You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everyone. You show that you are a letter from Christ..." One of the words that jumps out at me from this verse is "show". It says "show" not "say". What I say is vitally important, but how am I showing and living and modeling and representing a life controled by Christ?

Today I will be interacting with our realtor as we sell our house. Will he see something in me that attracts him to Christ or makes him curious about what it is that is different about me? I will be having lunch with a new friend from church. Will he see something in me that encourages him to keep seeking and growing in Christ? I will be spending time with Sandy. Does she see something in the way I live that leads her to want more of Christ in her life?

There is more power and impact in what my feet say not what my mouth says. It is easy for me to "talk", but how is my "walk"?