Before I started the current series "I Want a Better Marriage!", I asked on Facebook what some of the issues are that cause tension in marriage. Two of those issues are money and sex. So in these last two weeks of this series, I am going to address those two issues. Next Sunday (October 16), I will be teaching on money in marriage and how to prevent it from being so volatile.

This Sunday (October 9), my message is called "Bedroom Sexcess". Yes, I will be talking about sex ... in church. Many might think church is no place to talk about it but then I ask, where do we talk about it from a Biblical standpoint? Seems its talked about freely in schools, the media, TV, social media, social relationships - but something tells me that its not addressed from what God says how it can and should be a fulfilling and tensionless part of a marriage.

My primary reference for this week's teaching is the Song of Solomon in the Old Testament. Go ahead. Read it before Sunday. If you have never read it before, you might be surprised at how up front God is about the sexual relationship between a husband and wife. It's not vulgar or perverted in any way. But it does not pull any punches either.

Oh, and I highly encourage you to take advantage of our awesome MeadowKIDS ministry for your children. The subject matter in the auditorium might just be a little more than they can handle. Besides, you want your children to experience something relevant for them at their age which they will in MeadowKIDS.

If you have questions about what I will be teaching this Sunday, please message me on Facebook, email me at, or call/text me on my personal cell at 612-616-7982. I would welcome talking with you further.