If you are newer to Meadow Spring or haven't even stepped through the doors of Meadow yet and you have children you maybe wondering, "What does Meadow have to offer for my kids?"

One of the things that first attracted us to Meadow Spring is the fact that if they were non-traditional enough to buy an old movie theatre then they wouldn't be the stuffy and stick to tradition type of church that we weren't really interested in. We are from Chaska so we saw the old theatre shut down and then transform into a church, so we didn't mind the accommodating space while they officially made the theatre their own!

What does Meadow Spring have to offer your kids?

I will share my experience with you as we have been coming to Meadow for about 9 months now. I should mention that my husband, Mike, and I have a 2 1/2 year old son named Ezekiel.

Since day one of coming to Meadow, the volunteers within MeadowKids have always been so nice and just down right wonderful! In the beginning Ezekiel wasn't overly excited to go into the nursery as it was new to him (parents of 2 year olds understand), but everyone was so helpful in acclimating him and assured me that they would text me if there were any issues, and of course there weren't! He would have a blast and has since met some new buddies the he talks about at when we are at home.

Volunteering with MeadowKIDS

After a few months of attending Meadow, I was asked if I would like to volunteer within MeadowKids and I was more than happy to! With my son being right on the border of the nursery age and preschool age he has been in both groups and I have volunteered in both.

In the nursery, like I mentioned he has made so many little buddies and knows all their names and talks about them at home and I love that! Its about building that trust and community at a young age and that is what Meadow is doing! As for me and volunteering in the nursery, I love being able to get to know Ezekiel's little buddies, play with them, share Gods love with them, and then also get to know their parents a little bit more, which has even lead to friendships and playdates outside of church! Which in a mom's book, is always wonderful!

With the preschool group, I love that my son walks away learning life applicable lessons. For example, it was a Tuesday and he told me "I will share my things, mama." and then shared a toy with me, well that Sunday before, the main point in the lesson was "I will share my things." It was obvious at the point that MeadowKids is helping him to learn life lessons through biblical teachings. Which I think is so important, because its great for kids to learn about the Bible and all the major events that took place, but I think it is also huge for them to learn how they can apply that to their life as they grow up. That is were we build firm foundations and understanding for our kids to grow from.

I enjoy volunteering in this group as well as all the kids are so eager to learn and it is so fun to dance a long with them, play fun games, and help them with their crafts! MeadowKids has been such a blessing to our family and I am so excited to see it continue and see what it will become once we have the proper space that everyone is eager to have done!

A Christ-Centered Community for Kids!

Meadow Spring can offer your kids a place where they can establish a little community to grow up with and learn to trust! While all along the way learn Bible based life applicable lessons to build a firm Christ-centered foundation for the rest of their lives!

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