17 years ago today I was two days away from leading the very first public service of a new church called Meadow Spring. The butterflies in my stomach were going crazy and I felt like a little kid anticipating his first time going to Disneyland.

I still get that same feeling every Friday - two days away from Sundays at Meadow. Actually, the feeling has intensified as I consider all Jesus has done, the lives that have been changed (mine being foremost), the grace that has been demonstrated, and how "no perfect people allowed" has been and is being made a reality. I really do love this church.

I invite you to come this Sunday as we celebrate 17 years of being "a refreshing difference" when it comes to church. This Sunday we will be reminded of the very reason we started Meadow 17 years ago and the very reason we still exist today. It's going to be an awesome Sunday!

Check out our times and directions! See you Sunday!