You look at a herd of zebras and all you see is ... well ... zebras. It's even difficult to pick out a specific zebra because they all just sort of blend in together with all their black and white stripes.

I don't want Meadow to be a zebra.

With all due respect, so many churches are the same. Yes, they have different names - but they are basically the same in the way they do ministry and weekly services. You look at the newspaper page where all the churches advertise their services and all the ads really are so alike.

I don't want Meadow to be a zebra.

From the very beginning of Meadow Spring, we have had the goal of making a relationship with Jesus real and refreshing to non-zebra people. But that won't happen if Meadow is a zebra.

I have been thinking about this for some time now, but it really hit home yesterday as I had conversations with several people about how Meadow would advertise our Easter services in the local newspaper. We talked about what we could do to set us apart from all the other churches who also have color advertisements on the Easter page.

As I processed all that was said and suggested, it dawned on me that no matter what we do, we would get lost in the mass of zebra advertising. All ads the same size. All ads color. Sure - there are different names and different graphics, but really, to the non-zebra person - it all looks the same.

I don't want Meadow to be a zebra.

So, not only are we going to work hard at not being a zebra, more specifically to our Easter services - we are not even going to spend the money and advertise in the local newspaper. We are going to depend on YOU getting the word out to your friends. That will be the primary way people will hear about Easter at Meadow. We are also going to leverage social media, the internet, and the posters on the outside of our building to attract non-zebra people.

Our Good Friday and Easter services are only six weeks away. Our Good Friday service is at 7:00 PM and our Easter services are at 9:00 & 10:30 AM. Who will you invite and tell about Meadow? How will you help get the word out about Meadow? How will you use Facebook, Twitter, email, text messages, or even the old fashioned way of actually calling someone on the phone?

Whatever you do, don't be a zebra.