"We were struggling to deal with trauma and due to anger, mostly closed our hearts off to God. We knew what we believed, but were still too hurt and angry to really seek God. Church was not where we wanted to be.

James was also battling depression. He was getting treatment, but life's circumstances weighed on him. Our marriage was in the lowest valley it could be. Trust and commitment were disappearing. Pain overshadowed the love we thought would always be there. I will just say we were facing things most people walk away from, that the majority of marriages don't survive.

I saw a posting on Facebook about Meadow Spring and I decided to go.

I apprehensively walked into that service, alone with a 4-year-old and 10-month-old. I was quickly comforted by the difference between what I was experiencing and every other experience that had turned me away in the past. The movie-theater seats, the good music, the way nothing made my introvert-self stand out, the truth of the message, the faithfulness to the bible...

I came back the next week and I asked Pastor John to pray that my husband would join me, someday. He did! The following week!

As the year went on we got involved with volunteering: I started teaching in MeadowKIDS and James helped on the cleaning team. Having an opportunity to serve was such a benefit to us, allowing us to get involved and feel like a part of “our” church. The change in our marriage and family is overwhelmingly amazing. The recovery is amazing. The forgiveness is amazing.

And of course that's not just from the church, that's God. But Meadow's goal to bring people into a refreshing relationship with Jesus Christ is ABSOLUTELY being lived out. Meadow led me back to the God I knew and loved, allowing me to actually feel Jesus' presence in my life and look to Him instead of trying to use some strength of my own to climb out of valleys. He never let go of me. I love my church!"

- James & Davette Kohnen