Meadow Spring is a "no religion" church. At least that's our intention.

Religion is a man-made trap and gets in the way of a refreshing relationship with Jesus. It is filled with all sorts of motions you have to go through in order to be pleasing and approved by God. Do this tradition. Pray this prayer. Say these words. Obey this church law. Wear these clothes. Observe these days. Sing these songs. Most of the time, it is followed without any thought of why except "Well, that's just the way we were taught and how we've always done it." In other words, it's meaningless repetition.

And it is misleading. Religion leads people to believe they are "okay" with God because they have followed the laws, traditions, structure, and rules of religion. So many are far from God thinking they are okay with God.

The alternative to religion is grace. I am not accepted and approved by God because of religion, but because of grace...His grace. I have a hard time fully understanding God's grace, but I do know it trumps religion. I am thankful for God's grace because there is no way I could ever follow all the rules and traditions and laws of religion.

Grace is undeserved merit. It is receiving something I don't deserve and cannot attain by my own effort. God's grace is refreshing, relevant, real, freeing, and allows me to have a personal, close, daily relationship with Him.

If you are missing that sense and state of freedom, refreshment, and relevancy in a relationship with God, maybe you are relying on religion rather than grace. Grace makes a relationship with God alive. Religion makes a relationship with God a chore.

At Meadow, we are not perfect in carrying out God's grace (only God is perfect in carrying out His grace), but we do work hard at being a "no religion" church and a church that operates on the basis of grace. If you have been burned, bored, or by-passed by religion, I invite you to try church again at Meadow. Like I said, we are not perfect but we try hard to operate on the basis of God's grace.