Today "Son of God" is released in movie theaters across the country. And "Noah" is set to be released on March 28. Will you put up with me as I step up on my soap box?

"Son of God" - This is the movie version of the TV series "The Bible" that was broadcast with great success last year. I say great success meaning it had great success with Christians. The movie actually has a very poor pre-release rating. Rotten Tomatoes gives it an 18% "splat". Is it based on the Bible? Probably. Is it 100% accurate? Probably not. Does this mean you should not go see it? No - go see it. Just remember the Bible was not written as a Hollywood script. I am guessing it will have a good review and success again with Christians - but have little value for those who do not center their lives around Christ.

However, I do see it as a good conversation starter with friends. A conversation on who Jesus is and the accuracy of the Bible. So, in that sense, it can have great success with many - even those who do not consider themselves followers of Jesus.

"Noah" - It will take you about 5 minutes to read the account of Noah in the Old Testament. The movie is much much much longer than that. So obviously, they are going to have to fill the gap and include a lot that is not in the Bible. Will there be an ark? - yes. Will there be a flood? - yes. Beyond that, I have no clue what else. Will I go see it? - probably.

However, as in "Son of God", it can be a great conversation starter and thus have success in talking with those who do not consider themselves followers of Christ.

Lastly...please don't rely on Hollywood to accurately portray Biblical events and people. Rely on scripture. The Bible was not written as a Hollywood script. It is Hollywood and as much as you hear "greatest outreach movie in years" - the bottom line is still making money in Hollywood.

Okay...I'll step off my soapbox now!