This morning in my quiet time, I started reading Joshua and right away God began nudging me with verse 2, "Now then, you and all these people, get ready..."

He said, "Get ready." My response was, "For what?"

Something is cooking at Meadow and I don't know what yet. I've been thinking and praying about BHAGs (see previous post on BHAGs) and nothing concrete has clicked yet. I've got several things in my head, but nothing has anchored and attached to my heart yet.

All I am hearing is "get ready".

"Get ready" implies that I am not ready yet. If I was ready, I believe God would be making it clear the "for what?" But its not just me He is saying this to. He is saying this to us as a church. We need to "get ready". I don't know what for yet. do we "get ready"? We keep praying. Keep reading scripture. Keep giving. Keep reaching. Keep accepting. In other words, we stay in motion of doing what God has called us to do. In fact, I believe we need to raise the level of our praying. Raise the level of reading scripture. Raise the level of our giving. Raise the level of reaching and accepting.

Something's cooking at Meadow. God is up to something and I believe He is about to call us to do something unimaginable. Let's "get ready".