In 2008 I walked through the darkest valley of my life when I was diagnosed with clinical depression. I did not admit it at first because men and especially pastors don't get depressed.

After denying it for 3 months, I faced the fact that yes, I was depressed. I began seeing a great Christian therapist along with my family doctor who prescribed anti-depressants. Yes, I started taking anti-depressants and still take them to this very day. Every day, I am reminded of the battle I fight with depression.

Anti-depressants are not "happy pills" and are not "mind-altering" drugs. They simply help my brain do what it is supposed to do. And, I have never been more content with life as I am now.

Today, I read the following blog written by Perry Noble on this very subject - which inspired me to write this short blog. I encourage you to read this as he talks about his experience and gives great analogy.

If you have any questions about depression or the possibility of depression, I would love to talk and/or listen. I am not a professional counselor or therapist, but I have "been there done that." You can email me in confidence at You can private message me and request me as a friend on Facebook too at John Laeger Facebook.