A BHAG ("be-hag") is a "Big Hairy Audaciuos Goal" (or goals) you set which may be considered ridiculous and crazy by others but you are convinced you can accomplish them and so you pursue them with passion and laser-like focus.

Big: it's huge.
Hairy: it's scary.
Audacious: it's extremely bold and carries a reckless bravery with it.
Goal: it's tangible, measurable, and future oriented.

I've been thinking and praying a lot lately about the BHAGs of Meadow. One BHAG I had was to have our own theater-like building. Now that we have seen that BHAG become reality (by the hand of God) - what's next? What BHAGs does God want us to set our sights on now and pursue with passion and laser-like focus?

My mind isn't blank and I've got a few things churning and cooking in my brain wondering if they are from God. I'm not ready to reveal or explain them yet though. Questions I continually ask myself as I think about what's in my brain are, "Is it huge? Is it scary? Will it require a reckless bravery to accomplish?"

Another factor I consider is what YOU believe could be Meadow's BHAGs for this year or the coming years. Think about it. If you could set 1-3 BHAGs for Meadow, what would they be.

You see, I want what happens at Meadow to be so unbelievable that no one, not even myself in my most prideful moment, would even imagine taking credit for it. I want there to be absolutely no doubt that Meadow is all about Jesus and He is the one making things happen and creating life change.

So...I ask you. If you could set a BHAG(s) for Meadow, what would they be?