Kids are an essential part of the church, so we created a program specifically designed for them.

We set up kid's programs with kids in mind. We want you to fully engage with our adult service and your kids to fully engaged in MeadowKIDS, so be assured that they'll be safe. Our incredible volunteers love God and think hanging out with your kids is pretty fun too. We want kids to experience Jesus and learn about God and the Bible in a way they can easily understand.

— Matthew 19:14

Our main service is designed for teens and adults, so we take pride in designing an extremely kid-friendly experience on Sunday mornings for 3 different age groups:

Meadow Minis
(Babies & Toddlers — Up to age 2)

They might be little but they are curious explorers and extremely important to us at Meadow Spring. For babies and toddlers up to age 2, we have a secure, safe and fun nursery where they can crawl, play and cuddle. Our dedicated nursery staff is the best to watch and care for your littlest ones so you can enjoy the service.

Meadow Kids Jr.
(Age 3 - Kindergarten)

For kids age 3 through kindergarten, this is kids' church like you and your kids have never experienced before. Blocks, play dough, puzzles, doodads, and music where kids will sing, jump, and worship with their voices and bodies. After worship, they will hear stories and lessons from the Bible and learn about God in a fun, easy-to-understand way.

With Buzz, kids are more engaged and kids are making friends with their peers. Kids are sharing about how they see God working in their lives. Kids are learning and memorizing scripture through song. The kids are learning more! Kids are never bored because they choose the activities. Buzz makes a 'bee-line' to faith growth. Each quarter, kids learn Bible truths that they will remember for a lifetime. Bible Buzz Cards provide creative, age-appropriate ways to teach specific Bible passages to children. Colorful, engaging gizmos (practical every day items used to teach a Biblical lesson) spark learning and fun.

(Grade 1 - GRADE 5)

Kids in grade 1 through age 12 take part in Elevate: an eye-popping mix of video skits, live teaching, songs, motion and small group interaction. Learning about Jesus and the Bible has never been so fun. We allow kids to connect with friends their age and our adult leaders. Your kids won't want to go home!

A morning in Elevate Kids at Meadow starts with some worship music, a video bible lesson and video skit incorporating the bible lesson and a main point and then continues with activities that help illustrate that main point. We try to get the kids up and moving to burn off some energy during worship music.

Click the pictures to see each of the kids classrooms!

Kids Check-In and Parent Notifications

After you get a cup of coffee from the lobby and are ready to come in for church. Make your way down the main hallway and look for the sign that says "Kids Center."  Someone from our MeadowKIDS team will be waiting to check your child in — just provide a few details about your child and let us know if there is anything our team should be aware of. Then you can escort your child to their individual classrooms as  check-in and check out happens in each room.

You'll get a name tag sticker for each child with a unique code. One for your child and one for you. If anything comes up during the service, our staff will send your code to the Tech Team and it will be displayed on the screen at the front of the auditorium. 

I prefer to have my child with me in the service, do they have to go into MeadowKIDS? +

Your child can absolutely attend the service with you! We just want you to know that the main services are intended for adults and some times tough topics are discussed. We encourage you to come and do what best fits the needs for your family.

My child likes the music, can I bring them into MeadowKIDS after the music? +

Yes! We know that some kids LOVE being in the main service for music. Just check-in your child at the Kids Center before service and then you can drop them off in their classroom when the music is done!

When would I get paged? +

We want you to relax and enjoy the service as much as possible, but we will page you if your child needs any of the following:

• A diaper change
• To use the bathroom
• The help of mom or dad to get comfortable

We are happy to answer any questions that you have about our kids ministry. Please fill out the form to contact us.