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Our vision is to lead an impactful missions ministry within Meadow Spring Church that spreads the Gospel by encouraging people to:

  • Serve: We partner with established missionary groups through which we can directly and indirectly build relationships that will lead others to God

  • Pray: To raise awareness of the Great Commission and ways that individuals can fulfill it, and for those who serve and give to spread the Gospel; and

  • Give:  We financially support our partners and individuals within the church who are pursuing personal missions efforts.

I am the way, and the truth and the life.
No one comes to the Father
except through me.
— John 14:16

Missions Fast Facts:

  • Of the 7.3 billion people in the world, 3 billion live among unreached people groups of the world and1.6 billion are completely unevangelized*.

  • Most of the people groups still unreached by the
    gospel live in places stretching across the maps
    of northern Africa and Asia.

    • Muslim: 865 Million

    • Hindu: 550 million

    • Buddhist: 275 million

    • Confucianism, other Chinese: 150 million

    • Tribal/Animist: 140 million

  • “American Christians spend 95% of offerings on home-based ministry,4.5% on cross-cultural efforts in already reached people groups, and .5% to reach the unreached.”**

 *Joshua Project; Barrett and Johnson 2001      **The Traveling Team

How can I contribute to Meadow Spring’s missions efforts? +

Missions efforts at Meadow Spring are not funded out of our general budget. However, earmarking your gift for Missions is simple: On your giving envelope, simply check the Missions spot, or designate a specific amount of the enclosed gift for Missions. If you are giving online, “Missions” will be one of the choices you can make. Contributions to Missions will show up separately on your annual giving statement.

Does Meadow Spring sponsor mission trips? +

Yes and no. We definitely will be putting together groups to go on mission trips occasionally, but we will partner with other organizations that take care of all the details to make sure that the trips go smoothly. Upcoming mission trips will be well-publicized to make sure everyone knows about them.

Will Meadow Spring support me if I go on a mission trip? +

Yes, if the trip meets our criteria. Regardless of whether you are going by yourself, a group outside of Meadow Spring, or a group that we are putting together, Meadow Spring will consider supporting your mission. Scholarships are in the amount of $500 apiece, and if approved, will be given to the organization sponsoring your mission in your name. There is a form to fill out; write us a note on your communication card or speak to a pastor or volunteer to request more information.

What if I have an idea for a Meadow Spring mission? +

We’d love to hear it! Write us a note on your communication card or speak to a pastor or volunteer and they’ll get your idea to the right place. The Missions Team will discuss your idea and let you know if and how Meadow will follow up.

Does Meadow Spring partner with other missionary organizations? +

Yes! We provide support in the form of scheduled, recurring contributions, one-time gifts, prayer, “in-kind” services, and/or other types of requested support for two missionary families abroad.

We also provide opportunities for hands-on service by participating with local missions by volunteering time and “elbow grease” on a regular basis.

Check out the links on this page for the organizations and families we currently support.

What is Meadow Spring’s SMART registry? +

SMART stands for Subject Matter Advisor and Resource Tracker. As Christians, we all have different gifts. For some of us, this may include skills, training or expertise that can be of special value to our missions partners. We keep track of who has which skills, so we can match up needs that our partners have with people who can fill those needs. Add your expertise to our registry by contacting us through a communication card or a pastor or volunteer.

What is a Pray Band? +

Meadow Spring is part of a group that provides focused, dedicated prayer for one of the missionary organizations we support. Participants receive email messages that provide details on current activities of these missionaries and their prayer needs. If you are interested in our Pray Band, jot us a note on a communication card or contact a pastor or volunteer.