Dear Church Family, God can do anything...

Since we started Meadow Spring Church in 1998, I have never been as excited and challenged as I am about the opportunity which I believe God has placed before us today.

As we approach this strategic time, we are positioned as a church in one of the fastest growing communities in the greater Minneapolis area. In terms of population, location, visibility, and facilities, God has given us an absolutely incredible opportunity. He has, indeed, set before us a great and open door, and the time to be bold in pursuing our vision is now.

“A Bold New Dream” is our willingness to be challenged as ordinary people and to let God, through us, do extraordinary things. He has chosen to allow us the privilege and responsibility of being part of seeing our community transformed by a refreshing relationship with Jesus Christ.

The cost of remodeling our facility is too great for only a few to carry. We must each do our share and give our part. Often to receive a blessing means sacrifice – and sacrifice means to be willing to give the best I have for a great purpose. While we cannot all give the same amount, we can all make the same sacrifice. This way everyone can have a part. For some, a “sacrificial” gift given over three years may be $1,500. For others, a sacrifice may be closer to $150,000, or perhaps even more. God will impress a specific amount on your heart if you sincerely ask Him to lead you. The important thing is not the amount, but our obedient response to God’s challenge.

This Is Your Opportunity
... to make a difference with your money
... to do something significant that will outlast your life.
... to be a part of a miracle.

There is no greater investment than to invest in God’s Kingdom in the task of telling people how Jesus can change their lives. It deserves our best.

I love you, and I thank God for the privilege of serving here with you. I am praying the Lord’s blessings upon you, as He guides and directs you in this privilege to bless thousands forever!

In Christ,
John Laeger



What Does A Bold New Dream Look Like

Our New Auditorium

Our New Lobby and Fellowship Area

Our New Family Center

Our New Exterior

Our Brochure

To find out more, click the above image to see our “ A Bold New Dream ” brochure.

To find out more, click the above image to see our “A Bold New Dream” brochure.