I've always loved reading through the story of Jesus' life and ministry in a harmony of the gospels. A harmony (or parallel) of the gospels puts all 4 gospels from the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John) side by side to show which stories they each told.

There are a lot of stories that all 4 told in different ways, and it's really interesting to see them laid out next to each other for comparison. Each one of the gospels was written through a slightly different lens and for a different audience, so the storytelling varies from gospel to gospel. There are also a bunch of stories that only a couple of the gospel writers (or even just one of them) told, so it shows the personality of each writer when you see which stories from Jesus' ministry each author included.

The harmony of the gospels that I own is taken from the New International Version of the Bible. Recently a friend of mine told me about a new Bible translation called The Voice. It's translated by about 40 different people - artists, scholars, authors, pastors, musicians among them. So it is written with a very lyrical tone at times, and it is very easy to read. I really enjoy some of the bluntness of the words in The Voice translation. Check it out on biblegateway.com.

So I decided to take this newfound translation and make it into a harmony of the Holy Week story. I wanted to get a full picture of the events that brought Jesus and His disciples to Jerusalem and ultimately to the cross and the tomb. 

I plan on posting a new blog every day this week with what happened to Jesus and the disciples 2000 years ago. Follow along each day as we lead up to Good Friday and ultimately Easter Sunday!


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